A littel game with ships (no name, names a risky these days)

This is a little game I wrote some time ago. I used the code to play around with pathfinding. The goal is easy: Make the other ships sink first.
You can play against the computer or an other human. You con also choose between three map generators. The fractal and heightmap generator can lead to unusable results depending on the chosen island density. Play a little with the parameters and you will get the point.
As I said, the island density is another parameter to choose. And last, but not least, you can specify the number of ships you can move while the turn is on you.
Click on a ship to make it the subject of your next action. It will show you the area it can reach. One click will send it on its way. After that a little menu pops up. This lets you choose between
attack your opponent
don't attack (ends the turn if it is your last ship)
end this turn
end game
Have fun!