A little game with pins (as noticed on the page with the ships game, there is no name)

So here's another game. This has been written recently. My wood an brass based version nearly drived me nuts, so I decided to let the computer solve it.
The solver is still in the game, but it doesn't tell you the complete solution. Instead, it looks on your current setup and tells you whether it is solvable or not. How does it tell you? Well, you'll find out :)
This leads us to the meaning of "solvable". When there is only one pin left, the game is solved. Pins are removed by jumping over them with another pin. All eight directions are allowed, as long as the pin stays in the triangle.
A word about the user interface: There is no drag'n'drop. Click on the pin you want to move, then click on it's destination.
Nothing more to say. Have fun!